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Accurate Construction Endorsements

Reverse Engineering Incorporated

June 1, 1992

To whom it may concern
123 Main Street
Anytown, Alberta

Dear whom:

John Born was the contractor for major renovations to our principle residence two years ago. He came recommended by someone whom I thought of as a friend.

When I first met John, his company name and registered place of business changed, on average, about once a month. This impressed me since I have a company of my own and I consequently, viewed him as sort of financial artiste, but I felt comfortable doing business with him anyway once I learned where his children went to school. And since 1991, of course, he has been operating under the Accurate Construction banner with hardly an address change at all. The sign on his truck is magnetic rather than painted so he still appears ready to deal with creditors on a moment’s notice, but I have the serial number from his engine block if you would like it.

John comes from a Mennonite background which, you’d think, might have left some sort of moral imprint. It didn’t.

My wife and I could tell you many stories about his attention to detail if we could think of any. We can tell you that he has a vision that is well beyond that of most contractors. Personally, I feel confident that this has nothing to do with his unstinting use of recreational pharmaceuticals both on and off the job site.

As long as you don’t want a pool table, he is pretty reliable.

Sincerely yours,

Bunsen Honeydew, Ph.D.

a.k.a. Jonathan Tyler
Tyler Research


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