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Frequently Asked Questions – Fun Version

Avoiding your basement?

Is your basement too cold, too dark and too low? Consider a structural lift and foundation replacement with Accurate Construction Services of Edmonton, Alberta.

Short Answer:

We replace your existing foundation with a better one.

Long Answer:

We pick up your house, remove the old basement and set it down on a new PolyCore foundation.

How does a Foundation Replacement Really Work? (silly lift details)

It costs what it costs.

It takes as long as it takes.

It depends on the weather of course. And it depends on the mood of your construction workers. If the white-haired guy played poker the night before, there is more cussing on the job site-this of course takes extra time. And obviously the more questions you ask about the foundation replacement, the longer it takes.

By the by, you visiting the job site is a no no. Visiting your very own job site is discouraged. You can be a distraction from the job at hand. Remember, your questions take time to answer. The more questions you have the longer the lift takes. We recommend you make your own list of questions and then maybe ask one question per month. Yes, we are talking months for the lift.

You know how the supervisor on the job wears a white hard hat? We do things differently at ACS.  Most of the time our supervisor is the guy with the white hair. He doesn’t need a hard hat because his head is hard enough as it is.

Sure, if you never have to poop, or turn on a light, or cook. Seriously?

Heat in your floor. Sheesh.

So, you are considering building a wall inside your existing basement wall. Yes? Then you will have two walls and less floor space. Are you kidding? You do not get any extra height with a two-wall system, no extra light from bigger windows, and like we said you lose floor space. There are no advantages.

Everyone knows home owning is about location, location and did I mention location?

Do you like where you live? If yes, read on. If not, you are wasting our time.

If you want higher ceilings in your basement, more light with bigger windows and a warm and cozy place you actually want to spend time in, you should replace your foundation with ACS.

Your refurbished basement will be sound and glorious and the best money you have spent because now you have warmth and light and height. You will have theoretically doubled your real living space, bringing you endless smiles and a comfort you could only have imagined.

You can always buy another house if this foundation replacement doesn’t work out.

How Can We Help?

Please send us some information about you and your project, and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.