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Frequently Asked Questions

Avoiding your basement?

Is your basement too cold, too dark and too low? Consider a structural lift and foundation replacement with Accurate Construction Services of Edmonton, Alberta.

Short Answer:

We replace your existing foundation with a better one.

Long Answer:

We raise your house, remove the old basement and set your house down again. Basement in-floor heating and larger windows are installed making your basement as comfortable as the rest of your house.

Polycore is a structural insulated construction system. It is designed, manufactured and engineered in the Province of Alberta. Polycore is now part of SI Construction Systems ( http://www.sic-sys.com/about/)

How does a Foundation Replacement Really Work? (Just the Facts – What’s Involved?)

The final cost estimate is arrived at after extensive consultation with the client.

You are looking at a minimum of 3-4 months depending on the weather and availability of selected products.

You will have no services while the work is being done on your house. For your own comfort and safety, alternative accommodations are recommended.

Many older houses have gradually sagged over the years. Therefore, floors are no longer level. If a house is lifted to be level and plumb cracking in the walls is common. Hair line cracks can be repaired. Severe cracking requires removal and replacement.

In-floor heating is a boiler system supplying hot water/glycol into tubing embedded in the basement concrete slab. We then install tubing and heat distribution plates to the underside of the existing floors that are above grade.

The boiler can be sized to provide domestic hot water and heat for a fan coil giving the benefits of forced air distribution and the option of air conditioning.

This heating system is highly recommended when you do a foundation replacement because it will give you maximum benefit and use of your basement space. If your feet are cold, you are cold. Imagine laying on a warm floor and playing with your children or your dog.

In-floor heating in the basement becomes the main heat source for the rest of the house simply because heat rises. There will be a reduction in heating requirements on upper levels of your home.

 ACS does not recommend building a wall inside your existing foundation because your overall floor space will be reduced. The added height in a complete structural lift and foundation replacement allows you to increase window size thus making your basement more comfortable and inviting.

A Polycore wall system is already insulated. If you use regular cement  walls in your basement you will be building a second wall inside a cement foundation for the insulation and drywall. With Polycore, drywall is mounted directly on the Styrofoam wall system.

More height, more light.

Lowering your basement elevation is one option for you to get more ceiling height. Your existing basement window light, however, will not change. In our opinion, any basement window at grade or slightly above grade is a wasted window.

At ACS, we believe that if you are going through the expense and disruption of a foundation replacement, instead of just holding your house in place while the work is being done, why not lift your house to get higher ceilings?

Most older homes have a porch or veranda. By excavating underneath your veranda or porch, the square footage of your basement increases. This additional structure becomes a new foundation incorporating additional living space while providing an integral foundation to the entire structure.

Location, location and location.

Do you like where you live? If yes, read on.

If you want higher ceilings in your basement, increased light with bigger windows and a warm and cozy place you actually want to spend time, consider replacing your foundation with a Polycore system through ACS.

Your refurbished basement will be one of the best investments you make giving you warmth and light and height. You will have theoretically doubled your real living space, bringing you endless smiles and comfort.

“No one wants to buy a dark house. Most of my sales are of homes that are bright and airy.” Michael Soete, Edmonton Real Estate Agent

Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF) is also an option.

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